To the applicant: please refer your reference to this page. Do not complete this page yourself.

Applications are due 3 April, 2017.

Internship Reference

Thank you for agreeing to serve as a reference for a BLUR internship applicant! We very much appreciate your efforts to help us in identifying qualified candidates. We ask that references provide 1) quantitative analysis of the applicant's strengths, and 2) a letter of recommendation. The whole recommendation process can be completed via the electronic form below. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact Prof. Eric Caldwell, the Director, at


The Blue Ridge Summer Institute for Young Artists (BLUR) provides inspired, motivated rising high school sophomores, juniors, and seniors the opportunity to study a single artistic medium for three intensive weeks, and to extend their understanding and passion into new media.

While in residence, students spend most of their time working with master teachers in their declared medium of emphasis--either creative writing, drawing/painting/sculpting, or sound design/ music composition. Students spend the rest of their time in other media, extending their creative processes into new aesthetic possibilities and challenges. The program greatly encourages collaboration between students as they build their way to final projects.

Interns live in the residence hall with the BLUR students, and serve as RAs in the hall, and TAs in a particular classroom—either creative writing, studio art, or sound design/ music composition.

BLUR interns serve both as ambassadors of the BLUR program and Sweet Briar during the session, attend all meetings and scheduled events, day or night. All interns get a full day off every week.


The ideal BLUR intern is a dynamic, dedicated role model who possesses a desire to teach and nurture students in the arts. Applicants should have strong organizational skills, excellent communication skills, a passion for teaching high-school aged students, and the ability to work both as a member of a close-knit team, and independently. Candidates should have experience in one or more of the following: studio art, creative writing, sound design/music composition, and/ or residence life. 


To be filled out by the reference:

BLUR Applicant
Last name, first name
Name of Reference *
Name of Reference
Quantitative Section
Please complete the following statements according to your experience of the applicant. Please select "Strongly Agree" if you believe that the applicant represents the top 10% of students. Please select "Strongly Disagree" if you believe that the applicant represents the bottom 30% of students.
Applicant has a strongly positive influence upon others
Applicant has strong communication skills--is able to communicate thoughts and feelings clearly and effectively
Applicant is reliable, or has the ability to carry through on commitments, fulfill responsibilities, and to meet deadlines
Applicant is diplomatic--is careful of how her words and actions influence others
Applicant is mature
Applicant is independent and self-motivated
Applicant is assertive--or has the ability to confront difficult situations with confidence and take necessary action
Applicant is flexible--or possesses the ability to adjust quickly to the needs of others
Applicant is engaged--or exhibit a consistently high level of energy and is attentive
Please cut / paste your letter below, or write directly in the the space provided, relating your experience with the applicant, and your estimation of her/his suitability for the internship.